Transceiver Issue or Not - Australia

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Transceiver Issue or Not - Australia

#1 Post by aussieatlarge » 25 Aug 2017, 03:58

New to forum but not novice. I have purchased a Tranceiver from Jaycar ZW3102 - image attached. I have provided power to it and connected data pin to pin 19 (also tried 17) on Mega. On the upload tool I see the initialization then nothing else.
With the exact same setup - Tranceiver and Mega (pin2), I am able to receive data from the Arduino rc-switch library. I am testing with a Bauhn power-outlet transmitter.
On the RFlink Uploader I have both logging and application-logging running. When I push a button on the remote control I see no activity at all. Even if the device is not recognized, should I see something?
I realize that the crappy Jaycar receiver is NOT on the hardware list but I assumed that if rc-switch made sense of the signal then RFLink should show something??????
Any Aussies out there?
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Re: Transceiver Issue or Not - Australia

#2 Post by Stuntteam » 25 Aug 2017, 10:42

the data pin should go to pin D19 (aka RX1)
If you do not see any data, connect arduino pin 7 to ground and try again.
Also, make sure you use at least R46 of the firmware.

Pullup on 'RF data in' pin:
Connect Arduino PIN 7 to ground in order to disable an internal pullup on the RF data pin.
This is required for some RF receiver modules like the SRX882.
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Re: Transceiver Issue or Not - Australia

#3 Post by welby » 06 Jan 2018, 02:17

I've also got the same receiver from jaycar and can confirm grounding pin 7 gets it working. Thanks for the tip :D :D

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