Question about protocol reference

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Question about protocol reference

#1 Post by glsf91 » 15 Dec 2017, 18:02

In de the protocol reference is stated:
Packet structure - RFlink describing data received from RF:

20 => Node number 20 means from the RFLink Gateway to the master, 10 means from the master to the RFLink Gateway
Node number 11 means from the master to the master (Echo command - creation of devices), see below for explanation
; => field separator
NAME => Device name (can be used to display in applications etc.)
LABEL=data => contains the field type and data for that field, can be present multiple times per device

In the examples

In the Sample data RF packects examples, I see for example:


I cannot match this with the fields description.

My question is:
Can you tell me the field definition of the characters after 20; and before ;NewKaku..... ?
In this case 0B.
And is there a list of the meaning of this “number” (if this is the case)?

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Re: Question about protocol reference

#2 Post by Stuntteam » 15 Dec 2017, 20:34

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