RTS only detects long press keys

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RTS only detects long press keys

#1 Post by fanegas54 » 23 Oct 2017, 15:56

I have 4 RTS somfy J4 motors in a automated roof and I successfully paired these motors with RFLINK with the PAIR command. The motors are registered in the Rolling Code table and I can send commands UP, DOWN and STOP, but the problem is that the motors receive the comands as if I was pressing and holding the buttons in the remote controller. So it ups for a while and stops. Sending the DOWN command it goes down for 2 seconsd and stops. And sending STOP it goes to the favorite position (in the remote controller Telis4 is the MY button -- when it is press&hold).

I have the version 47 in the RFLINK and a 432.92MHZ (not the RTS one), but I have the receiver at only 5 meters and detects all commands from the remote and the commands I send with RFLINK are received successfully by the motors receptors.

I have try to change the comand 10;RTSLONGTX wich Toggle RTS long transmit ON/OFF , but it works worse than before. With this option the motors take a lot of time in receive the commands and the problem is the same. Also the motors not respond to any command with this feature togled.

Any suggestions?


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