Livolo light switch go on and off

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Livolo light switch go on and off

#1 Post by MRTjilie » 02 Jan 2018, 10:15

I have some Livolo light dimmable switches like VL-C701DR-1 and a livolo remote type VL-RMT-04.

I learned the livolo switches and domoticz switches using the push buttons on this remote. When I turn on the lights with the domoticz switch the light will, most of the time go on and almost immediately go off again, or the other way around depending the state which the switch is in.

With the remote it is working fine

I'm running RFlink R48 and Domoticz 3.8153

I have also a Geeklink smart home system running where I learned the light switches the same way. Here I don't haven this problem.

Does any body know how to solve this issue

thank you

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