Simple and low weight setup but allways warmboot

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Simple and low weight setup but allways warmboot

#1 Post by taanczos.tamaas » 30 Dec 2017, 10:20

Dear All!

This is my first question here :)

I have a test setup with a Wemos D1 mini running Release v2.0.0-dev12 with packages still under testing (because one SHT30 sensor).

The hardware setup is the following:
- power: 4000mAh battery payk with maximum 1A load capability (I charge it every time if needed)
- Wemos D1 mini (4Mb)
- one SHT30 sensor (D1, D2)
- two buttons (D6, D7)
- one relay (D5)

The Setup is next:
The esp read the temp and humidity with sht30 and send it via mqtt to Home Assistant every 300 sec ( latest 0.60 on a rpi3, using mosquito broker). It works well.
I can control the relay from Homa Assistant with mqtt command to esp. It works well.
And there is the two button, these two is programed as normal switch and I send their status to Home Assistant with mqtt again. this works well again.

The problem is the following:
All these hardwares are combined together in Home Assistant as a Thermostat. I have the temp sensor readings, and i have target temp. If target temp is lower (with delta 0,3 °C) then the HA sends mqtt message to esp relay to turn on. Simple and works. I can set target temp on the HA UI.
I wanted a local control, so I added two buttons. One is Up and one is Down, and when they change they increment/decrement the target temp is HA. This warks well again.
When I setting the target temp with these buttons, the button reading is slow, ok I can live with it.

BUT if I push any of these two buttons at the time when there is a mqtt message from HA to change relay status (on or off) the esp module do a warm boot.

There are no rules set up esp.

Any hints to avoid this pheomenon?

Thanks in advance!

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