which esp8266 module to buy?

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which esp8266 module to buy?

#1 Post by uxhamby » 31 Dec 2016, 21:15

Which is the best esp8266 module to buy for compatibility with this project?


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Re: which esp8266 module to buy?

#2 Post by maluko » 31 Dec 2016, 23:14

i think that without eletronic knowledge the best are the Wemos D1 mini, because have many acessories like relay, etc..

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Re: which esp8266 module to buy?

#3 Post by vojtishek » 12 Jan 2017, 08:07


I'm using Wemos D1 without any issues.
Benefit is that module contains power connector, so you can easily powered the module from battery etc.
Price is also reasonable.


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Re: which esp8266 module to buy?

#4 Post by Justblair » 12 Jan 2017, 11:54

If you are looking to switch lights or appliances, I would recommend the itead sonoff range of devices. They are inexpensive, easy to program and self contained (including being powered from AC) They also come in a number of formats: modules, smart sockets, light switches, bare pcb, full cooling fan etc.

If you are looking to create a more complex device, My favourite is the Wemos D1 mini mentioned above

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Re: which esp8266 module to buy?

#5 Post by toffel969 » 10 Feb 2017, 18:46

Esp 12e, have 4mb Flash and all gpio broken out. Both wemos d1 Mini and nodemcus use These esp chips.
Its worth buying these boards, as usb-serial, flash+reset Buttons, Power regulator, voltage devider for analog input are all taken care of.
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Re: which esp8266 module to buy?

#6 Post by Shardan » 11 Feb 2017, 18:25


If you're not experienced with electronics and soldering i'd recommend to use a little development board
like the NodeMCU V2 or V3 or the WeMos D1 Mini.

They are easy to handle and breadboard friendly, use a ESP-12 with all GPIO's out, and they have an
USB port to program and monitor them without much hassle using the Arduino IDE, ESPlorer and similiar tools.
They can be powered via the USB port so no external power supply or regulator is necessary.


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