which esp8266 module to buy?

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which esp8266 module to buy?

Postby uxhamby » 31 Dec 2016, 20:15

Which is the best esp8266 module to buy for compatibility with this project?


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Re: which esp8266 module to buy?

Postby maluko » 31 Dec 2016, 22:14

i think that without eletronic knowledge the best are the Wemos D1 mini, because have many acessories like relay, etc..

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Re: which esp8266 module to buy?

Postby vojtishek » 12 Jan 2017, 07:07


I'm using Wemos D1 without any issues.
Benefit is that module contains power connector, so you can easily powered the module from battery etc.
Price is also reasonable.

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Re: which esp8266 module to buy?

Postby Justblair » 12 Jan 2017, 10:54

If you are looking to switch lights or appliances, I would recommend the itead sonoff range of devices. They are inexpensive, easy to program and self contained (including being powered from AC) They also come in a number of formats: modules, smart sockets, light switches, bare pcb, full cooling fan etc.

If you are looking to create a more complex device, My favourite is the Wemos D1 mini mentioned above

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