Release information [STICKY]

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Release information [STICKY]

#1 Post by grovkillen » 12 Sep 2018, 09:54

From today and onward we will try to add specific info regarding issues with releases.

The topic is locked for comments and only me and TD-er will add info here. BUT you, our valued user base, are the one reporting problems so if you are experiencing problems and have found bugs etc. Just open a new topic and if we can find that the bug is actually introduced by us we'll add information in this topic here.


Release: mega-20180916
Issue: Boot loops has been reported by multiple users. Could be due to rules being activated.

Release: mega-20180915
Issue: Boot loops has been reported by multiple users.

Release: mega-20180910
Issue: Do not use MQTT import. It will lead to a boot loop which is hard to restore.
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