Wemos D1 Mini freezes

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Wemos D1 Mini freezes

#1 Post by Soundstorm » 04 Feb 2019, 13:12

Hi guys

I'm puzzled here. I have 3 Wemos D1 Mini boards, 2 of them have a BMP180 shield, one has a BME280 shield. I'm using all ready made hardware to keep this project simple. All boards have mega-20190202.

All boards function is the same way. The boards send the measured temperatures using MQTT to io.adafruit. There are also some rules implemented, but they don't seem to affect what is happening.
The boards are powered using multiple wall plug USB adapters.

For some reason, the boards freeze after a random time (seconds to days). By freezing, I mean they are not sending MQTT messages anymore and cannot be contacted with the web interface.

I connected all boards using a powered USB hub to my pc, to monitor the serial data and maybe identify what happens when they freeze. Of course, when doing so, they never froze...
I kept using the powered USB hub without being connected to my pc, and they work for much longer periods then when connected to the wall plugs.

Is there anything connected differently when using the USB hub and/or pc compared to the wall plugs? Is the USB-Serial converter pulling some pins up/down and do I need to do the same? I was under the impression the Wemos boards didn't need anything special.

Any tips would be great.

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