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by NW27
09 Nov 2018, 05:04
Forum: ESP Easy: Projects / Applications
Topic: ESPEasy to control air conditioners / heat pumps
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Re: ESPEasy to control air conditioners / heat pumps

Hi All,

How can I send IR commands to my Foxtel (Digital TV box), Sony TV and utilize the HeatPumpIR for my aircon?

I want to set up one ESP8266 for sending ALL IR commands out to the TV, iarcon etc.

Thanks ,
by NW27
05 Oct 2016, 22:27
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Topic: ESP Easy Releases
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Re: ESP Easy Releases

A couple of thoughts 1. It wwould be good if each device could send a heartbeat message via mqtt. Ie every set period (say 12hrs) it sent a heartbeat message iindicating it was still alive. The device ccould have been a door input that hasn't opened for a week. 2. OH2 now has some auto device discov...