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by pverburg
21 Aug 2018, 04:59
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Topic: Notepad++ Rules syntax highlight
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Re: Notepad++ Rules syntax highlight

Thanks for doing this saved me lots of time i started reading the instructions to make the file and got lost, one issue if the letters "on" are in a variable or event name they get highlighted.

Paul V.
by pverburg
13 Aug 2017, 03:55
Forum: ESP Easy: Hardware
Topic: New ESP gadget
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Re: New ESP gadget

Thanks for your off topic information. I now have my pow reporting in to domoticz with your help still lots to learn. ESPurna works great and I do see the POW as separate to the other sonoff products I'm running. Life control circuits need to be handled with respect. Paul V. I tried ESPurna, but i c...