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by ligeza
12 Nov 2019, 09:31
Forum: RFLink: Unsupported devices
Topic: RFLink <=> Livolo support (ON/OFF mode instead of Toogle mode)
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Re: RFLink <=> Livolo support (ON/OFF mode instead of Toogle mode)

It is no possible. Livolo only support toggle mode. What you could try though is use a single remote ID and have all of the switches that you want learn first a toogle button (let’s say button 10), and then have them learn the On Only Scene button. This way you can turn them on with the On Only scen...
by ligeza
12 Apr 2019, 14:20
Forum: RFlink: General Discussions
Topic: RFLink, Wifi, Home Assistant
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Re: RFLink, Wifi, Home Assistant

You can flash Esp Easy.
Device: Communication - Serial Server
by ligeza
07 Jul 2018, 21:15
Forum: ESP Easy: Hardware
Topic: nodemcu on battery
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Re: nodemcu on battery

I'm using nodemcu with battery 18650 (about 3000mAh). It's running on Espeasy and wake up every 5 minutes sending voltage and data from BME280 to domoticz. I only unsoldered ground pin from CH340 and removed AMS1117. Battery is connected directly to 3,3V with MCP1703 LDO voltage regulator. It works ...