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by redskinhu
20 Jun 2018, 21:45
Forum: ESP Easy: Projects / Applications
Topic: ESP EASY sending data
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Re: ESP EASY sending data


I think we have a same problem. And nobody knows the answer. :-(

How can we get the data from the serial port?


by redskinhu
18 Jun 2018, 09:56
Forum: ESP Easy: General Discussion
Topic: Event Processing - RFLink
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Re: Event Processing - RFLink

Maybe I'm misunderstanding the functionality of the Event Processing feature under the Serial Server device? Basically I have a serial device hooked up to the ESP (in this case its an Arduino Mega running RFLink). I want to take the serial data that the Arduino is sending to the ESP and have ESP Ea...
by redskinhu
17 Jun 2018, 23:25
Forum: ESP Easy: Software
Topic: Serial input to MQTT
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Serial input to MQTT

Hello I have a small problem. My esp is connected to the alarm system through serial to the rx/tx pins with level converter. I use the Serial Server plugin. I would like to send the received data to my HASS server through MQTT. I created a rule to publish the recieved data. On !Serial# do publish ho...
by redskinhu
10 Apr 2018, 00:30
Forum: ESP Easy: Hardware
Topic: Analog Multiplexer CD74HC4067 = 16 analog input for $1
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Re: Analog Multiplexer CD74HC4067 = 16 analog input for $1

Hello I would like read the mux legs every minutes, digital values are present. I created rule for read the the mux legs, but it is not working properly. On Clock#Time do gpio,13,0 gpio,32,0 gpio,33,0 gpio,34,0 gpio,35,0 publish home/%sysname%/C00,[SIG#Output] gpio,32,1 gpio,33,0 gpio,34,0 gpio,35,0...