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by Ian
14 Apr 2019, 12:38
Forum: ESP Easy: Software
Topic: Writing to InfluxDB from HTTP Advanced controller?
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Re: Writing to InfluxDB from HTTP Advanced controller?


I wish to do the same as @water, mqtt > function but with the influxDB node.

Would someone happen to have a flow including the function or explain how for this, I'm not too hot on Javascript?

by Ian
23 Sep 2018, 17:34
Forum: ESP Easy: General Discussion
Topic: Plugin 70 NeoPixel Clock
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Plugin 70 NeoPixel Clock

Hello all, I see that theNeoPixel Clock ring is still in testing, but I've gone ahead and ordered a ring. Just to have a look at the plugin in ESPEasy I set the plugin to NORMAL, and while compiling in Arduino ide, there is a warning in the void timeToStrip that the b_val is unused. In fact, the ass...
by Ian
23 Sep 2018, 17:12
Forum: Introduce yourself
Topic: Ian from Switzerland
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Ian from Switzerland

Hello all,

I'm British but have been living in Switzerland for many years.

Just getting into the world of ESP8266 and ESP32 and stumbled on ESPEasy, what a fantastic system you're creating!! it really does make programming ESP8266's far easier than with the Arduino IDE well done!!

by Ian
05 Aug 2018, 15:17
Forum: Introduce yourself
Topic: Grüzi from Switzerland
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Grüzi from Switzerland

Hello all, I'm British but living in Switzerland for a loooooong time. I've been tinkering with Arduino (ESP8266, ESP32) and Raspberry Pi off and on for a couple of years now. I think I'm at a basic level of programming but just found out about ESPEsay which makes things much easier, which is also v...