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#1 Post by pro2call » 08 Dec 2017, 14:58


I'm using the RFlink to controll all my 433Mhz equipment.

Recently I bought 7 FA21RF. And I have a little problem with it.

I have made 1 big group. So that if there is a fire in the electrical cabinet and the power is gone all the smoke detectors still alarms.
Im using domoticz as controlling software.
If I short press test on 1 of the smoke detectors only 1 will go off. If I press long then they all go off and its visible in domoticz.

Unfortunaly if I activate the smokedetectors in domoticz 75% of the time they won't be activated.

I'm using software Version: 48.4

Please advice.



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Re: FA21RF

#2 Post by manjh » 09 Dec 2017, 16:48

I have used six of these. At first the general idea sounds good: in a large house, all detectors will sound when one of them detects smoke.
Practical problem is that when the alarm sounds, you have no clue as to where the problem is! It would have been better if the first detector made a different alarm sound than the others.
Also, when one of the batteries is empty, you have a good chance that weird things will happen. In my case a few of the detectors started screaming until my neighbours went crazy... sound went right through the concrete walls.

In the end, I decided to de-couple the detectors and use them as separate units. I wanted Domoticz to pick up the signal and send intermittant alarms to the others, so I would at least know where the "fire" was and still hear it all over the house.
But I never got that far. It turned out to be impossible to clear the settings and get the detectors back to individual operation.
I even discussed this with a technical guy at the importer, but even then no luck.
In the end I ripped out the batteries and discarded the detectors....

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