RFLink, Wifi, Home Assistant

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RFLink, Wifi, Home Assistant

#1 Post by jgalak » 17 Mar 2019, 21:58

Hi folks. I just got an RFLink board from Nodo shop as well as the Wifi card. The RFLink is assembled, set up, and the Mega has been flashed. Monitoring the serial port of the Mega, I can see messages when I trigger 433MHz sensors (just a door sensor for now). So that all works, yay.

I intend to use this board with Home Assistant, and need to do it over Wifi, since the physical location of the Home Assistant server (in a server rack in the basement) doesn't really work well for getting good coverage of the planned sensors.

Unfortunately for me, all of the instructions for the wifi board are in Dutch, which I do not know. I've figured out enough from photos to be able to assemble the kit, but I can't figure out the firmware aspects. I've placed a NodeMCU board into the wifi adapter board, but don't know what to flash it with. ESP Easy seems an obvious choice, but I don't actually see it say so anywhere. The Home Assistant documentation for RFLink suggests ESP-link (https://www.home-assistant.io/components/rflink/). The RFLink FAQ mentions "ser2net".

So, which firmware should I use? Are there English-language instructions for this anywhere out there? If they are, I'd appreciate a pointer as my Google skills haven't revealed it.

Note: I'm not looking for an MQTT solution, just a way to pipe the serial data over wifi - Home Assistant has a component to process this data coming in this way.


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Re: RFLink, Wifi, Home Assistant

#2 Post by ligeza » 12 Apr 2019, 14:20

You can flash Esp Easy.
Device: Communication - Serial Server

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Re: RFLink, Wifi, Home Assistant

#3 Post by awesterhoff » 04 Jul 2019, 20:26

Hi jgalak,

dit you get it working in Home Assistant ? if so, I can't get it working. Home Assistant is not connecting to it.

Regards A

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Re: RFLink, Wifi, Home Assistant

#4 Post by Vanguard » 06 Jul 2019, 19:59

Hi there I have mine working with home assistant using ESP-Easy. Just bear in mind that adding in the ESP-Easy adds up to a 4 second lag at times for controlling RF equipment. Sometimes its instant, sometimes there is about a 4 second lag when controlling things as it then needs to reconnect to the ESPEasy before transmitting the control code via RF.

Get ESP-Easy up and running on an 8266. Confirm that its chatting properly with the mega by checking the uConsole on the IP of the 8266. If it is, I can confirm that my setup is as follows and works.

HA Listening
- All incoming RF goes through the RFLink-ESPEasy-MQTT and home assistant monitors the broker, and acts on the feed accordingly.


Code: Select all

  wait_for_ack: true
  port: 23
This will point Home Assistant to your ESP-Easy and RFLink and allow it to to transmit and add things it sees using the auto discovery. .

Now in order to get your switches working, you need to use the platform RFLink and then point it to what the RFLink has seen and monitored

HA transmitting via RF
- My generic RF Switches from Lidl look like this.


Code: Select all

  - platform: rflink
      fire_event: true
      signal_repetitions: 2
      # LIDL RF plug ALL (A B C D)
        name: All LIDL Plugs
      # LIDL RF plug A
        name: Christmas Tree
      # LIDL RF plug B
        name: Plug 4
      # LIDL RF plug C
        name: Plug 5
I got these values by connecting all and then monitoring what it saw and automatically added to Home Assistant using the auto add feature as follows.

Code: Select all

  # RFLink Senors
  - platform: rflink
Hope it helps some :)

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