Is it allowed to offer the RFlink

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Is it allowed to offer the RFlink

#1 Post by h4nc » 17 Jul 2019, 22:06

I made myself an RFlink with a nice 3d printed case and I’d like to know if the dev’s allow to sell those.

I would sell the firmware. Only the hardware, but of course it would be flashed

If it’s allowed I would like to open a thread for this here.

I already do something similar with zigbee2mqtt: ... ase/111743
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Re: Is it allowed to offer the RFlink

#2 Post by h4nc » 25 Aug 2019, 09:45

Hi William,

Seems like you did not get my mail from last week, so I try it again here:

sry for the very late reply. I did not get a email notification about your pm.

Currently my device only supports 433 MHz, so no 2,4 GHz. BTW what do you mean with NRF?

I would be glad to offer you a sample but currently I don’t have any available. I already ordered new parts, but it will probably take some more weeks.

About the webpage. You are hosting right? So you offer to post a picture, some details and maybe a link to the forum ad on the webpage? This probably should be enough to let people know about that option.

In the meantime I made a new smaller version. See picture attached. Please let me know what you think about it.


Hi Hans,

I will check with the guys owning the forum.
I just make the RFLink software.
I have no direct connection to any hardware suppliers and for me more places to buy a pcb means more people can get a decent device.
What I can offer directly is that I can assist you with a page and information on
In return you could perhaps send me a sample so that I can properly answer support questions.
Btw, is there a NRF for 2.4ghz communication on the device as well?
You can contact me directly via mail:


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