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Pairing siren Atlantic’s MD326R and RFLINK

Posted: 15 Dec 2019, 22:43
by Joni_60
Hello everyone, new to the forum. Currently, I use Jeedom installed on a Raspberry PIB3, coupled with an RFLINK 433Mhz and different probes (oregon) and sensors (Atlantic’s). I have taken back all of my accessories formerly associated with a Zibase. All of them work and have been able to be associated with the RFLINK, except for one Atlantic’s MD326R siren ... I have a lot of difficulties in making this association. After browsing different forums, I found some threads that mentioned the association of this model of siren with an RFXCOM, but none under RFLINK. From what I understand, the association cannot be done in inclusion mode because the siren does not emit frames. However, I understood that it was possible to include it manually. Unfortunately, somewhat neophyte, I did not succeed. If some of you have already succeeded in this manipulation, I would be grateful. Thanks in advance.