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CAME TOP Garage door opener

Posted: 07 Mar 2020, 21:11
by kameo42

I bought a house and the owner seemed to have been fascinated with the CAME remotes.
So far I see, these are supported devices in RFLINK. Supposedly, it would use M48 Top43 XEV protocol.

I got, with a 433 Mhz transciever, the following returns when pressing buttons:


So it seems to be Aster protocol right?

It seems to be a static code, but just sending back the same with:
10;Aster;ID=0d18;SWITCH=02;CMD=ON (it's a toggle)

didn't grant any result.

One more information, the remote back shows a TOP434NA model.

Any hints?
Also, if this is an insecure protocol, what do you usually replace those with? (that would be rolling code at minimum & compatible with RFlink obviously)