Rflnk, Marmitek, 868Mhz OOK/FM modulation

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Rflnk, Marmitek, 868Mhz OOK/FM modulation

#1 Post by haschi » 08 Nov 2017, 21:53


(wrote 5 minutes ago my introduction because this is my first topic on this forum.)

A few years ago i installed Marmitek Proguard alarm system. They use the 868.30Mhz frequency.
I bought and received today from nodo-shop a arduino with a 868Mhz module. (I have already a 433Mhz kit used for kaku modules)
I tought that this was the board needed but after some testing no signals are received in the log file of RFLinkLoader.exe
After some searching i found out that the Marmitek modules uses FM modulation and that the transceiver from nodo uses OOK modulation.
I should have looked at it before but .... impatience is the devil .....

Result, incompatible. Aurel has some 868.30 transceivers with FM modulation.

My question, can i use (solder) such a module on the nodo pcb with arduino and rflink software.
Does rflink treat such signals. It should be nice because this permits me to integrate my alarm system in Domoticz.
I am a programmer and studied a long time ago electronics. So if i can help ..... gladly.....


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