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Looking for a switch/button/remote control to hang on my wall

Posted: 13 Dec 2017, 20:38
by 5kø

I'm completely new to the rflink gateway concept, but I have ordered some hardware and I am eager to get started :D. We have some old Home Easy dimmers and switches and some blinds of an unknown brand. I'm hoping to get all of these into domoticz and then I guess they could be controlled from an app, or with sensors.

The thing is, in addition to all the fancy stuff, I'd like to just have a simple button on the wall to turn on my lights or to open up the blinds :D. So I'm looking for some affordable switches that can trigger domoticz to do something specific. Googling gives me some z wave alternatives (but I don't have z wave hardware yet). I'm sure there are also 433mhz options (or maybe 2.4GHz could work too???), but when I'm looking for hardware supported by rflink gateway, I get lost among all the remote controls that come with systems much like our own Home Easy plugs. And that's not what I want: I want buttons/switches/remotes that I can 'program' to do something as defined in domoticz.

Can someone suggest some good options? Preferably a brand with a variety of designs (simple button, up down control, etc) that look good together.