Bofu commands ?

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Bofu commands ?

#1 Post by JimBE » 26 Dec 2017, 19:15

Hello everyone,

I'm successfully using RFLink for MiLight control (thanks for that ! awesome work !) but I'm struggling with my Bofu blind motors.
For a first test, I would like to use RFLinkLoader only to control the blinds (let's call this raw commands ?).
I tried using a FS1000A kit for receiving data but nothing appears on the debug screen when using the Bofu remote. As I read that the FS1000A receiver is kinda crappy, I tried to only wire the FS1000A transceiver.

The thing is, what kind of commands should I be using ? Is Bofu using "RTS" type commands ? I didn't see any mention about Bofu specific commands in the "API reference" on the RFLink website.
I assume the first command should be a "PAIR" command so that my RFLink will get paired with the motor ? (As I cannot read any info from the remote)

Second question: do I absolutely need to use an antenna on the FS1000A transceiver or can it work without antenna when very close to the blinds ? (If an antenna is needed, I will solder a 17cm 1.5mm copper wire as read in the RFLink page.)

Thanks for your help regarding bofu control. (I ordered a RXB6 module to replace the FS1000A in case of... but so far I have no idea of my FS1000A is defect or if I'm not sending the right commands).


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