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RFLink's transmitting part is not working, help in troubleshooting needed

Posted: 17 Apr 2018, 18:01
by akasma74
Hi All,

First post here so please bear with me.

I have a homemade RFLink out of the following components:
Arduino Mega ... 0.0.UFPzey
433 MHz transmitter (WL102 type ?) ... 0.0.UFPzey and RXB6 receiver ... 0.0.BZx94K
I made 2 spiral antennae according the guide here ... 0.0.aqmUcn and soldered them to appropriate pins of the transmitter and the receiver.

Mega is connected via USB cable to Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (flashed with Hass.IO 0.64.3)

According to this guide I made the following physical connections:
Transmitter: pin 1 (-) to RPi GND, pin 2 (+) to RPi pin 15, pin 3 (DAT) to RPi pin 14
Receiver: pin 3 (GND) to RPi GND, pin 5 (+5V) to RPi pin 16, pin 7 (DATA) to RPi pin 19

I enabled rflink component in Home Assistant configuration.yaml and have debug output turned on.
I also have automatic_add option true for lights and sensors.

The receiving part is working pretty well, it receives plenty of useful data.
However, I don't think my transmitter is working at all because when I manually toggle any switch in HA frontend, nothing happens apart from some commands in the HA log file:

Code: Select all

2018-04-17 16:51:19 DEBUG (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.rflink] Sending command: on to Rflink device: eurodomest_258dfa_00
2018-04-17 16:51:19 DEBUG (SyncWorker_0) [rflink.protocol] sending command: {'protocol': 'eurodomest', 'id': '258dfa', 'switch': '00', 'command': 'on'}
2018-04-17 16:51:19 DEBUG (SyncWorker_0) [rflink.protocol] writing data: '10;eurodomest;258dfa;00;on;\r\n'
2018-04-17 16:51:19 DEBUG (MainThread) [rflink.protocol] received data: 20;48;OK;
2018-04-17 16:51:19 DEBUG (MainThread) [rflink.protocol] got packet: 20;48;OK;
2018-04-17 16:51:19 DEBUG (MainThread) [rflink.protocol] decoded packet: {'node': 'gateway', 'protocol': 'unknown', 'ok': True}
2018-04-17 16:51:19 DEBUG (MainThread) [rflink.protocol] command response: {'node': 'gateway', 'protocol': 'unknown', 'ok': True}
I put a SONOFF RF bridge flashed with Espurna next to it, put it in LEARN mode and flicked the switch in HA - rflink component sent command to the switch, but the RF bridge did not get anything, and the switch remained off.
But if I click a button on a remote, RF bridge easily picks it up and then is able to control the switch and I can see its state changing in HA.

Am I doing something wrong here?
How can check my setup and I make it work properly?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Re: RFLink's transmitting part is not working, help in troubleshooting needed

Posted: 18 Jun 2018, 22:10
by jaqb76
It's my also first post here so please be understanding :)

I have similar situation. About 10 days ago, I bought rflink gateway from nodo-shop.
But after many tests i feel that I don't sending any data. I test TriState device,door bell, broadlink tc2 and nothing happened on receiving device.

20;00;Nodo RadioFrequencyLink - RFLink Gateway V1.1 - R48;
20;01;MySensors=OFF;NO NRF24L01;

I tried reset (make a connection between pin 12 and 13) and other firmware version without success.

I connected the oscilloscop to pin MEGA tx3/Pin 14 (TX Data) and I see transmiting data.

Have you some advice ?

Best regards

Re: RFLink's transmitting part is not working, help in troubleshooting needed

Posted: 18 Jun 2018, 23:53
by akasma74
Well, in my case (bought devices separately from AliExpress) I didn't connect antenna to both transmitter and receiver as they came without any instructions.
In your case I think it's better to contact the shop to find out whether your kit is faulty or something.