RFLink 868

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RFLink 868

#1 Post by mf76130 » 25 Jan 2019, 07:32

I already use a RFLink 433 and as i have some 868 devices i bought the RFLink 868 as well.
Now i have some stupid questions :-):
1. the firmware to flash is the same for 433 and 868?
2. when i run the the 868 device on windows 10 using RFlink Loader with serial logging i get the message 20;02;STATUS;setRF433=ON;setNodoNRF=OFF;setMilight=OFF;setLivingColors=OFF;setAnsluta=OFF;setGPIO=OFF;setBLE=OFF;setMysensors=OFF;
RF433=ON ???? is that correct?

When i run it in debug mode i get a lot of incoming traffic, example 20;11;DEBUG;Pulses=39;Pulses(uSec)=1020,360,1890,150,1650,150,1470,60,2310,60,1740,90,2880,150,690,150,3810,300,630,180,300,120,450,90,2760,330,4020,180,2130,150,3870,90,810,90,3660,150,2310,150,6990;

so it seems to receive something.


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