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RFLink for 868MHz X3D

Posted: 13 Nov 2019, 05:30
by MarkusL
I’ve been reading up on the support for 868 MHz devices and from my understanding the Aurel RTX-MID868-OOK is the only supported transceiver for this frequency with RFLink?

I want to use the 868 module to connect to my AeroFlow radiators which are using X3D. Aeroflow (from Germany) have radiators with X3D at 868 MHz as well as radiators with their own protocol at 433MHz. Mine came with the apartment and are of the X3D type.

I live in China and sourcing the Aurel transceiver is a pain, and it takes a very long time to receive it. Or does anyone know of a source in Japan/South Korea/HK/TW?

I also see that the RXB6 receiver is supported for 433MHz, this receiver also exist for 868MHz, will it work with RFLink?

There are also the Aurel RTX-8X3V-ASK with the same pinout, but in 3V, would that one work if voltage is converted to 5V?

A receiver module like the DreamLnk DL-RXS868R with the same pinout as the Qiachip WL101 would be great if they were to be supported, it would make 868 so much easier to get components for. The DL-TXS868T looks like a great transmitter for 868MHz as well.

If the devs would like to support the DreamLnk modules or some other easily sourced 868 modules, I would be more than happy to send samples from here in China. I would also happily develop the support, but since RFLink is not open source that seems difficult.

Thank you for a great piece of software!

Re: RFLink for 868MHz X3D

Posted: 29 Nov 2019, 09:21
Can you send me a link to the receiver you mention? The RXB6 for 868?

Re: RFLink for 868MHz X3D

Posted: 29 Nov 2019, 09:49
by MarkusL
Sure, I live in China so I found it on Taobao:

So not sure where else have it, but probably aliexpress. Do you think it will work?

Re: RFLink for 868MHz X3D

Posted: 29 Nov 2019, 23:47
I can not find this same artikel on ali or ebay. Taobao is all in chineese and my chineese is a bit rusty latly. I tried the Aurel RTX-MID868-OOK but it only receices noise and not the devices I need. Technically the receiver you mention should work as it are just bites that are send the to out put pins. However I do not know if the software will recognize the devices. Can you see if the receiver is for 3.3 v or for 5v?

Re: RFLink for 868MHz X3D

Posted: 30 Nov 2019, 02:20
by MarkusL
I understand, I’ve seen there are services which will help you shop directly on Taobao but in English, they then collect the goods and export them to you.
As for voltage, it states 3 to 5.5v, here is the complete description (Google Translate version):

Shenzhen Huazhengyuan Electronics Co., Ltd.
Model: RXB6
ASK super heterodyne wireless receiving module
Working frequency: 315MHz; 433.92MHz; 868MHz;
914.5MHz (frequency can be customized according to customer requirements)
Add the shell and add 0.5 yuan each
Large quantity and good price, long-term spot
ASK super heterodyne wireless receiving module
Product Features
(1) The receiving sensitivity reaches -112dBm;
(2) Working frequency: 315MHz; 433.92MHz; 868MHz;
914.5MHz (special frequency can be customized according to customer requirements)
(3) Power supply voltage input range: 3V-5.5V;
(4) Low power consumption, 3.3V@433.92MHz, 6.0mA/3.3V@315MHz, 4.8mA;
Data transmission rate up to 10kbps (Manchester encoding)
(5) The power consumption can reach a minimum of 50nA when the power supply is enabled;
(6) Analog level output with RSSI signal strength;
(7) Good selectivity and stray radiation suppression ability,
Easy to pass CE / Fcc international certification;
(8) Good local oscillator radiation suppression capability, can work with multiple receiving modules
(I.e. single transmission and multiple reception) and will not interfere with each other. Using them together will not affect the receiving distance.
(9) Temperature range: -40-85 ° C can work normally even under harsh ambient temperature.
Application range
(1) Car remote control door switch (RKE);
(2) Remote door opener;
(3) Wireless security alarm;
(4) Remote control curtain machine;
(5) Wireless industrial controller;
(6) Wireless data transmission.
Without shell