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IRC channel

#1 Post by psy0rz » 24 Apr 2017, 01:35

I've been missing an irc channel for ESPEasy. It seemed somebody already created it but its still empty. Its at:

#espeasy @freenode

From now on i'll be hanging there as well.

I think this is usefull to have a bit more interaction and fun. :)

I've been meaning to thank people when they contribute stuff to the wiki for example, and irc is a nice place for it.

It can also be usefull during development or debugging problems.
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Re: IRC channel

#2 Post by lucaberta » 24 Apr 2017, 09:55

How about a Slack channel instead, or maybe a gateway between the two?

I am sure such thing exist already...


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Re: IRC channel

#3 Post by Tecumseh » 28 Nov 2018, 17:04

Since a couple of releases the reference to the irc channel is removed from the firmware. However with the current forum outages it might be advisable to add and start using it again. Also as psy0rz mentioned it can be quite usefull for brainstorming sessions and maintenance for the documentation (where we might even can help).

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Re: IRC channel

#4 Post by grovkillen » 28 Nov 2018, 20:17

We're using slack.
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