ESPCoreRules build 6 is out on github.

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ESPCoreRules build 6 is out on github.

#1 Post by FanOfHue » 05 Dec 2019, 20:00

A friend of mine wanted to use an ESP module to enhance his RaspBerryPi/Domoticz system with a temperature sensor.
So i provided a module with ESPCoreRules, but found out that the HTTP command was missing. I use WindowsRules to bridge all messagebus events to domoticz but he does not want to run a windows host 24/7. So i added a plugin to control Domoticz with HTTP protocol.

At the same time, decided to so a small overhaul to keep the ESP Core lean and mean again as it was already poluted with non-core code for MQTT experiments. And the MessageBus could be optional when using HTTP.

Main changes:
* Core size is now back to it's original size (< 350 kB, using 2.4.2 ESP corelib) moving MessageBus, MQTT and ESPNOW entirely to plugins. Also moved debugging stuff to a plugin.
* New plugin for HTTP
* New plugin for HTTPS (SSL), work in progress/testing. It seems to work but not tested enough
* New plugin for SH1107 OLED Display controller (as used on the M5Stick)
* Plugins have a new efficient way of hooking into the fast main loop if they require realtime processing.
* Plugins can be disabled at runtime, so they do not consume CPU cycles when not in use.
(By default, all plugins are enabled. When you use config,plugins,<nr>,,<nr>,<nr>,<nr>,<nr>,... it will only enable that list of plugins)
* Plugins have their own build nr. now.

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