ESP Pulse counter and wrong values in Domoticz

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ESP Pulse counter and wrong values in Domoticz

#1 Post by cinek193 » 13 Mar 2019, 20:34

Hello. I made myself an energy measurement using the pulse counting diode in my energy meter. It has a 1500imp / kWh converter.
I installed the counting module and everything would be ok if not for the wrong values in Domoticz.

For example, the TOTAL value in the ESP pulse counter is 5459. In my opinion, the value in kWh in domoticz should be ~ 3.639 kWh but Domoticz shows me 2,395 kWh.

The funny thing is that I also have a dual-rate counter P1 Smart , whose indications are taken from the main counter and partially overlap.

First print screen

Shows correct consumption values but in Wh. It comes from the P1 Smart counter.



From It comes from the main counter.

Third. P1 Smart. Values from the "last week" tab.
Here, too, they are wrong.

Esp settings


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Re: ESP Pulse counter and wrong values in Domoticz

#2 Post by kimot » 14 Mar 2019, 14:17

Domoticz has got some problems counting energy consumption.
My first sensor version sends actual watts to Domoticz and lets Domoticz calculate energy consumption.
But Domoticz always forgot last 5 min in hour interval.
Now I am using universal counter incremental in Domoticz and send every minute actual energy consumption in last minute in mWh
( because counter counts only integers ) through rules.

For example 100W floor heating if switched ON whole hour indicates 99,9Wh.
Not so bad :o)
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