Wifi Candle - illuminate with ESPEasy (WS2812)

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Re: Wifi Candle - illuminate with ESPEasy (WS2812)

#71 Post by passie » 30 Apr 2017, 11:08

artic1980 wrote:
30 Apr 2017, 09:35
You can check it through domoticz
I'm trying to send the mqtt pub message not the integration with domoticz!?

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Re: Wifi Candle - illuminate with ESPEasy (WS2812)

#72 Post by helio58 » 28 Jun 2017, 22:43

paulymorph wrote:
11 Jan 2017, 08:02
SUCCESS!!! I was able to get it all working except for one small thing. I created a Dashboard in Node-Red that can control all the attributes of the Wifi Candle all by sending formatted MQTT messages when I press the button on the dashboard after i have all the settings that I like.

The format for the MQTT message is the following

/node2/candle/cmd Node2=device name, candle=The name i gave the Wifi Candle (called "Device" in ESP Easy), cmd= the operator that Moelski wrote into the code.

COLOR:2:8E3EFF:120 COLOR=static : 2 (Flame Type) : 8E3EFF (Hex color) : 120 (Brightness value 1-255)

1 Static Light, 2 Simple Candle, 3 Advanced Candle, 4 Police, 5 Blink, 6 Strobe, 7 Color Fader

The only thing i couldn't get to work is mode 7 (Color fader). It doesn't seem to work if I try that mode.

I'm glad to share the actual JSON of the flow if anyone is interested.

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 12.50.30 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-01-11 at 12.57.01 AM.png
Please could you share the Json of the flow?

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Re: Wifi Candle - illuminate with ESPEasy (WS2812)

#73 Post by papperone » 28 Sep 2017, 17:30

I was giving some test to this plugin and I realize I can't get the "color picker" in any on the browser I checked (Chrome, FF, IE and Edge) as shown in the video on the first post.
As well the RGB selct arrows "up/down" are not shown in EDGE while they are in all other browser.

I understand is not a real ESPEasy bug but as far as I can see this plugin is uding java to create special devive page which is not wokring as it shoudl...
Can anyone test it as well? Or maybe better someone that is using this plugin has succeed to get the color picker enabled?

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Re: Wifi Candle - illuminate with ESPEasy (WS2812)

#74 Post by Philxu007 » 05 Jan 2018, 09:36

you can try the ws2813b leds,
it is the same code as the ws2812b,
but with dual signal,when one led broken,the other still work.
sk6812 ws2813b dmx led strip

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