Introducing the ESP Easy...

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Introducing the ESP Easy...

#1 Post by Martinus » 29 Aug 2015, 18:12

After some months of work on various proof of concept projects, it seems that one of them has enough potential to reach alpha status. This actually means that it has proven to work in real life situation, but functionality is just not entirely settled and may still change substantially during the next few months. It could also be that we still discover parts of the firmware left in a "stub" situation that we did not test.

For this to settle, we just need more feedback on this project and that's why we decided to formally launch the Wiki and forum to support further development. The ESP Easy project aims specifically at IOT enthusiasts without programming experience who wants to be involved in building their own Home Automation solution with the help of remote Wifi based Sensors and Actuators.

We currently focus on Domoticz, but we're open minded to develop support for other Home Automation controllers as well. (need volunteers, we can't build or own so many HA solutions...) There's limited support for a well known Dutch "Nodo" project and it's also possible to hook up your sensor to ThingSpeak in case you don't need a fancy controller but just want to show your sensor values on the internet. As of R16 that was published on sourceforge today, we have basic support for OpenHAB, another popular open Home Automation project.

Many solutions like mysensors use simple sensors and a more intelligent gateway to connect to your favorite Home Automation Controller. But since the ESP MCU is so powerful, we decided to skip the separate gateway component to make your solution less complex. One drawback of this approach is that the firmware on the ESP will be more complex, but that will be our challenge... Users should mainly be concerned with selecting the appropriate type of HA controller and get things going.


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