Meek Wifi wall switch ESP8266

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Re: Meek Wifi wall switch ESP8266

#101 Post by Meek » 10 Oct 2018, 21:03

grovkillen wrote:
17 Jun 2018, 16:21
This is the standard holes in Sweden at least. :)

And thank you for the support :D
You’ve got a message ;)

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Re: Meek Wifi wall switch ESP8266

#102 Post by Meek » 09 Nov 2018, 19:36

Herewith a small update:

We’ve finalized the development of the Meek MT2 & Meek MT3. These are Wi-Fi enabled dual or triple touch input and dual or triple SSR output switches.
The attachment MeekAssortiment.jpg is no longer available
Next week, we will assemble the Meek DDD ;) board.
This is a unit with pre-installed Wi-Fi enabled Doorbell & DSMR compatible P1 smart meter reader input & Development board.

• Doorbell – This will be a Wi-Fi enabled & (arguably) the most flexible doorbell module. It can be used parallel to the existing doorbell or as a standalone module or in mixed mode.
• DSRM/P1 – has an inbuilt P1 port that can be attached to a smart meter to read the Electricity & Gas usage and send this data thru Wi-Fi to a monitoring system like Domoticz.
• Development board – most GPIO pins of the ESPS12 unit are made available to use to do some easy development. Also I2C ports are made external to attached compatible devices.
Next week, I hope to assemble the first alpha board to do some more testing. Once assembled I will report back with a small update :D

We’re still searching for partners that can provide us the dual and triple socket wall panels. We have received some samples and are now in discussion with a few potential candidates! Hopefully we can sort things out so we can place every household switch for a Meek variant 8-)
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Re: Meek Wifi wall switch ESP8266

#103 Post by grovkillen » 09 Nov 2018, 20:00

Great! I have a friend who's interested in all versions 1,2,3 buttons plus some with radar. 15 units all and all. PM me if you want 8-)

He's remaking his top floor and wish to have it smart equipped with your switches.
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Re: Meek Wifi wall switch ESP8266

#104 Post by Tecumseh » 16 Nov 2018, 12:52

I currently have the Meek MP1 running for several weeks now. It is running flawless so far.

Only thing that does bug me is that I cannot enable the web log. Under advanced settings I have set this:
Syslog Facility: Kernel
Serial log Level: Info
Web log Level: Info
And on the info page I get this as status:
System Status
Syslog Log Level: None
Serial Log Level: Info
Web Log Level: None
Would there be another location that reverts the web loglevel setting to None?

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