ESP Easy Rule Engine on Windows

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ESP Easy Rule Engine on Windows

#1 Post by FanOfHue » 19 Dec 2018, 15:21

Currently working on a Windows version of the ESP Easy Rule engine that will also use the UDP Message Bus and provide the same Webgui on a dedicated build-in tiny webserver. I have a low power Windows 10 tablet running 24/7 for my powershell stuff so i want to include it into the Message Bus Node list.

The list of commands will be limited because there's no plugins and hardware to control. I'll be using it to control my Hue SSL bridge from the Message Bus network. It can run on ESP32 but that implementation is too slow for some reason. (1-2 second delay before the lights go on/off)

It was a bit more work than i could have guessed before because the C# language is not entirely copy paste from Arduino C language.
And Visual Studio complains more often than Arduino IDE about some syntax or struct usage.
But the first draft version is currently running.

Once you get used to the ESP Easy rule syntax, it's cool to also use it on Windows even though you have more powerfull stuff like powershell.
I'm planning a Rule command to run powershell from the Rule engine.

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