ESP (Domoticz) with PIR

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ESP (Domoticz) with PIR

#1 Post by CoolRemote » 09 Jan 2019, 21:38

After searching online for connecting a PIR sensor with relay and tamper switch to Domoticz by using ESP easy I found the following video; It seems to work, but no explanation at all and the text in the video is too blurry to work out what has been done, apart from that it is another language.

So in simple words there are just mechanical switches that have to interact with Domoticz. The tamper switch, and the NO/NC contacts of the relay in the PIR. This is one of the (4) PIR sensors I would like to use for this: ... 4014665970

Is there someone on this forum who knows how to connect this physical to the Raspberry PI and used it with Domoticz/ESP Easy?

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