Controlling a remote control

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Controlling a remote control

#1 Post by Mattheijer » 17 Feb 2019, 11:16

Hello all,

I want to control a remote control with a espeasy.

Is it posible to solder some wires to the switches and control these with a esp8266?

And the next question wich pins do i have to use ?

Greets Marco
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Re: Controlling a remote control

#2 Post by Patou » 17 Feb 2019, 12:26

In principle this is possible
- Check the voltage used in the remote if the voltage is 3.3 V then the levels are compatible so direct connection is possible
- Generally the push button are at Vcc when open and goes to GND when pushed with a pullup resistor
-Connect the commun of the push button (GND from the remote) to GND from the Esp
-Connect the other connection of the buttons to the GPIO's of ESP use preferably GPIO 12,13,14,4,5
If the voltage is not the same (5 VDC power supply) then you have to use a voltage shifter or opto coupler pcb
See : ... st=ae803_5

Or voltage shifter : ... st=ae803_5

There is a plugin in development that send the IR code of some remote directly from Esp but I am not involved in this development

Hope this can help

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