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4x20 LCD custom characters

Posted: 12 Oct 2019, 15:10
by mackowiakp
I added to _P012_LCD.ino possibility to define own characters, using CGRAM feature. It works with my language character as picture shows:

LCD.jpg (49.68 KiB) Viewed 7980 times

The problem is that it is possibility to define only 8 characters while in my language are 18 characters different to ASCII (9 lower and 9 upper case).
At this moment definitions are static. So now I work on possibility to dynamically define such characters. Of course at the one "page" of display there will be always possibility to use only 8 from 18 characters. But it is enough.
During this work, I came across an obstacle that I "fought" for quite a long time.
Well, if we define anything on the address 0x00 CGRAM, then this character is displayed as "null" (not "space") and the character defined on the address 0x01 is distorted.
However, if we define the same character at address 0x00 and at the same time at address 0x08 (which according to docu is not possible), then the character with address 0x00 is still displayed as "null" but the character with address 0x08 is displayed correctly. In addition, the character with address 0x01 is not distorted.

I realize that all what I write here is completely incompatible with the documentation or examples that are available on the Internet. I wonder now. Is it the fault of particular display copies I bought or is it some "undocumented feature" of the LiquidCrystal_I2C.h library. In particular the lcd.createChar command. Or maybe something else?
Has anyone encountered a similar issue?

I forgot to write that logs stands that LCD characters code send by LCD command from rule are correct.