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Cocktail mixer helper

Posted: 02 Feb 2020, 13:25
by Gnassel
Hi Guys,
This is my current ESPeasy project:
I wanted to modify a scale so that it could help me mix cocktails, whiskey cola or Aperol Spritz.
I would like to select a drink using an iOS app and the app guides me while mixing.

I want to measure the liquid of the glass with a kitchen scale. If I put in too much of an ingredient, the following ingredients are automatically adjusted based on the factor.

Kitchen scale
USB Power Pack

ESPeasy connects to my WiFi.
The iOS app gets the weight of the scale every 500ms via http/JSON and guides me with the drink.
At the end the calories are shown in the App.

Works great. Thanks to ESPeasy

Re: Cocktail mixer helper

Posted: 02 Feb 2020, 21:25
by ThomasB
Looks like a fun project for party night. Some expansion Ideas:
1. Add your favorite drinking games to the App. Loser must drink another random beverage chosen by the App.
2. Breathalyzer monitor. If reading too high, automatically reduce alcohol in the recipe to prevent a bad hangover the next morning.
3. Fully automate the drink mixing. Some inspiration links: ... ... k-Machine/ ... index.html

- Thomas