NodeMCU + Pulse Counter ( Eltako DSZ12E-3x80A )

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NodeMCU + Pulse Counter ( Eltako DSZ12E-3x80A )

#1 Post by oetti » 08 Feb 2020, 21:47


i'm trying to setup a Pulse counter with NodeMCU, ESP Easy and the Eltako DSZ12E-3x80A, without any success.
I've played with the GPIO-ports, the Debounce Time, Mode Type and so on.
The values are much to high (10...100Imp/sec)!, and i'm not sure how to get this setup working.

Any help would be appreciated. Hopefully someone could put me back on track :-)


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Re: NodeMCU + Pulse Counter ( Eltako DSZ12E-3x80A )

#2 Post by TD-er » 08 Feb 2020, 22:32

Do you need any debounce on these signals?
You can also halve the frequency and increase the pulse width to a duty cycle of 50% using a simple flipflop.
This will make sure the ESP doesn't have to handle very short pulse widths and also does have to handle half of the pulses.
It will also make the pulses on the ESP side much more clean.

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