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simply send IR code

Posted: 20 Mar 2020, 21:06
I have esp(8266)01s
I want to switch on/off my tv with ESP01s + IR LED.
I want to copy my TV remote control code. Esp01 received the code with the IR reciver and the code like 2167155753.
Now I want to send the code to TV via IR LED but I cannot found how can I do that. Could you please help me

Re: simply send IR code

Posted: 20 Mar 2020, 21:09
I have attached the pictures

Re: simply send IR code

Posted: 21 Mar 2020, 02:17
by ThomasB
It appears you are using the IR receive Plug-in from the old R120 branch. I suggest flashing to the latest Mega release.

The Mega branch has an updated P016_IR receive Plug-in (Communication - TSOP4838) and the instructions for using it can be found at the top of the source code: ... _IR.ino#L1

The PO035_IRTX Plug-in (Communication - IR Transmit) is used for transmitting the IR data. Instructions are found at the top of the source code: ... 5_IRTX.ino

There are also some instructions in the wiki (but I don't know if it has been updated for the latest IR plug-ins): ... /IR-Remote

These two IR plug-ins are in the Mega bin files that include _IR_ or _IRext_ in the file names.

I don't use the IR feature; This information is merely being passed along in case some of it helps you out.

- Thomas

Re: simply send IR code

Posted: 23 Mar 2020, 19:37
thank you very mutch for your reply
I downloaded and installed the new version of espeasy (ESP_Easy_mega-20200310_minimal_IRext_ESP8266_1M.bin)
Everything seems ok

unfortunatelly, I can receive IR code but I cannot send it.
I received this (551489775) turn off code from TV remote. I want to send same code on tv or IRX receiver but it doesn't work..

I found belowe link that, the code should be 32bit NEC ... de-samples

so I send the command as shown belowe ... 1489777,32

on tv I couldnot see anything
on IR receiwer; I can only see the light which is on the receiver and in the esp the code don't change.

I am doing a simple mistake I am sure but I cannot solved it. Please help me for this issue.

Re: simply send IR code

Posted: 23 Mar 2020, 22:00
by ThomasB
Some debugging ideas:

1. Use serial log (set to info level) and check the log messages when when IR commands are sent and received. The messages may provide some debugging help.

2. Capitalize the NEC protocol keyword, like this:

Code: Select all,NEC,551489777,32
3. Try the IRSEND command with the repeat parameter, like this:

Code: Select all,NEC,551489777,32,10
4. Your photo shows that the IR LED is directly driven by the ESP8266 GPIO Pin. Normally a transistor is used to provide sufficient current to drive the LED. Also, when testing the TV's remote operation I suggest placing the IR LED directly on the TV's IR sensor window to ensure a strong/reliable signal.

Other than those ideas, I don't have any other suggestions to help troubleshoot the problem.

- Thomas