Doubts about max6675 and ds18b20

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Doubts about max6675 and ds18b20

#1 Post by GUOJINMIAO » 15 Sep 2021, 10:15

Hi, newbie here!
I want to use max6675 to make a resistance furnace temperature detection system.
Do I still need to use the ds18b20 sensor?
In which link should I use if I need it
This is the datasheet ( ... son?id=555)I reference when I use max6675.
Did anyone use max6675?
Asking some good idea.
Thanks in advance!

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Re: Doubts about max6675 and ds18b20

#2 Post by Ath » 15 Sep 2021, 11:43

It actually depends on the temperatures you are expecting to measure. The DS18b20 sensor has a hard limit of +125 degrees centigrade, and I would be surprised if the temperature in a furnace doesn't exceed that. It can be used to measuring the external temperature of the furnace, but even there I'm not sure I would use it for.

The max6675 IC is expecting a thermocouple to be connected for doing the actual measurement, so that has to be added as well. Just using that chip is not going the give any usable result :o
The advantage of a thermocouple is that is usually can handle much higher temperatures.

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