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AurAir Launched!!!

Posted: 28 Jan 2019, 15:11
by LisaM
AurAir (our air) is the new startup, which will be making a hardware/software product for measuring indoor air quality. We’ll be working together with the LetsControlIt team to embed AurAir in the (new) LetsControlIt network.

We’ll launch our new product in a KickStarter campagne, starting from 22-feb-2019 (one week delayed due to preparations).

Every day until the 22nd i’ll be revealing a little bit of the functionality of the AurAir, the name of our product.

Features are:
  • Easy to install: Just plug the AurAir meter into any power socket and it works. You can still use the socket for other electrical devices.
  • Cloud support: Sending your measured values to the (Azure) cloud
  • 1.8inch TFT Screen: Full colour RGB 1.8inch TFT screen (160x128 pixels)
  • 3 Buttons: 3 Buttons for control purposes
  • WiFi AP mode: Use WiFi to connect to your AurAir and view the air quality
  • CO2 sensor: Measuring CO2 levels
  • Temp/Hum/Pres sensor: Measuring Temperature, Humidity and Pressure
  • OTA: Update your firmware using OTA!
  • Rotation sensitive: Knowing which way is up

Re: AurAir Launch in ... 13 days

Posted: 02 Feb 2019, 12:29
by fluppie
Senseair sensor? Bosch BME680?

Re: AurAir Launch in ... 13 days

Posted: 05 Feb 2019, 23:38
by LisaM
fluppie wrote: 02 Feb 2019, 12:29 Senseair sensor? Bosch BME680?
We’re considering several sensors for the production version, why would you like to use these two?

Re: AurAir Launch in ... 16 days

Posted: 06 Feb 2019, 00:49
by fluppie
I just think the BME680 is a very good sensor. Had some issues with RH measurements of chinese/aliexpress (fake?) BME280 sensors. Then bought from Pimoroni some BME680 breakouts.
The RH measurements are good, tested 3 of them in a glass with salt/water solution. They quickly ramp up close to 75% RH (as expected). Also after days in the closed salty environment, they quickly re-adapt to ambient specs.
BME680 is sensitive for different VOC's and the Senseair S8 gives us an absolute PPM value of CO2 in the room. So I think both in one device could be an excellent combo?

Re: AurAir Launched!!!

Posted: 25 Mar 2019, 00:03
by LisaM
Everything did not work out as planned, that's life. That doesn't mean we give up, it just means we are currently exploring a different way of selling our goods.



Re: AurAir Launched!!!

Posted: 25 Mar 2019, 10:49
by ManS-H
I wish you a lot of success,

Re: AurAir Launched!!!

Posted: 15 Apr 2020, 02:25
by RobertBurton45
Wish you good luck ;) ;)

Re: AurAir Launched!!!

Posted: 08 Aug 2020, 14:13
by jimmys01
No dust sensor? What? Why?