Arduino Robot

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Arduino Robot

#1 Post by Sin » 20 Feb 2019, 23:30

Hello everyone. I'm new to ESP Easy and I'm trying to use it in my project for connecting the ESP-12E with the Arduino Robot. Can the ESP Easy control the motor of the Arduino Robot?
Arduino Robot:
ESP-12E: ... op?ie=UTF8
I'm planning to send the signals from node-RED to the ESP-12E and the ESP-12E will control the movement of the Arduino Robot.

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Re: Arduino Robot

#2 Post by budman1758 » 23 Feb 2019, 05:54

You would probably get more action on your post if you move it to the ESPEasy forum. This forum section is for the micropython version which is still in an alpha version and development is currently on hiatus. (I believe).

I do know however that there is no specific plugin for this particular robot. There may be ways to control it using the generic dummy plugin. The actual way to do that is above my pay grade tho.... :lol:
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