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Thermostat status pooling 30s/24/7

Posted: 27 Jul 2020, 00:59
by analogworld
Hello upyEasy team,

I would like to know how reliable could be the application of pooling: temperature (int), thermostat mode (int), valve status(boolean) from 4 thermostats every 30s, 24/7

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import hysen2pfc_device
import time
strMac1 = "72:0F:27:84:22:3A"
macbytes1 = bytearray.fromhex(strMac1.replace(':',''))
device1 = hysen2pfc_device.Hysen2PipeFanCoilDevice("192.168.X.Y", macbytes1, "", 10)
room_temp_1 = device1.room_temp
mode_1 = device1.mode
valve_state_1 = device1.valve_state
We would have then 4 devices that will report their state to a raspberry pi domoticz and as such will offload it.

what could be the most fitted board for this application ?