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branch into tall grass?

Posted: 09 Dec 2018, 21:47
by uxhamby

I am playing with an ESP12 module and an OLED SSD1306.

It all seems to work except that when I edit a line in the 1306 task and submit I, more often that not, get a branch into tall grass and the need for a hard reset to make the new text appear on the display.

Is this a known bug?

20102 - Mega
ESP82xx Core 2_4_1, NONOS SDK 2.2.1(cfd48f3), LWIP: 2.0.3
GIT version
73 [Normal] [Testing] [Development]
Build time
Aug 9 2018 02:21:03
Binary filename


Brian H.

Re: branch into tall grass?

Posted: 14 Dec 2018, 05:44
by budman1758
You might get better responses to this if you move your post to the ESPEasy forum. This forum if for uPyEasy which is the micropython version of the ESPEasy firmware. Development of uPyEasy is currently on hiatus.

Not sure about the bug but you might try a newer version of the firmware.

Re: branch into tall grass?

Posted: 06 Jan 2019, 20:13
by LisaM
And... the ESP8266 is going out the door... The ESP32 is taking over it's role although the ESP8266 might be useful in certain projects (where cheap and/or batteries are required).