Command "GPIO", "Pulse" and Rules

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Command "GPIO", "Pulse" and Rules

#1 Post by Sturgeon » 23 May 2018, 21:12

Hello for all!
Help me with rules, please.
I have two nomal switch devices. And such rule:

Code: Select all

on Curtains_open#Curtains_open=0 do
Publish /ESPEasy_Bedroom_Curtains/Curtains_open,1

on Curtains_close#Curtains_close=0 do
Publish /ESPEasy_Bedroom_Curtains/Curtains_close,0
When i change switch state with command GPIO (for example "gpio,5,0") MQTT topic is publish. If i change switch state with command "Pulse,5,0,4000" MQTT message not publish. What is problem?

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