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OLED Framed - Configurable formatting?

Posted: 05 Sep 2018, 03:03
by bkhobby

As I've already posted in the introduction section, I've recently started using ESPEasy on my "Kube" multi-sensor device, which currently shows temperature/humidity/motion data from the sensors that I have attached to it. While I definitely enjoyed the simple configuration ESPEasy allows, I wasn't able to quite copy the OLED screen layout that I used to have on my device (seen in the photo below):


Using OLED Framed, I was able to get close:


I definitely like the additional information ESPEasy shows (clock, Wifi SSID/RSSI), but it would be nice to get the temperature field to show much larger (since it's the most important piece of information and one I want to be clearly readable), and only show the humidity in the bottom of the frame. It also would be nice to be able to selectively align data items (per item) left/right or center.

I guess the question I'm asking is if there's any potential plan yet for improving the OLED Framed plugin to allow greater flexibility?

One idea I would propose, based loosely on what I did with my original code, would be to divide the OLED frame into three sections (Header, Body and Footer), with Header/Footer configurable to be turned ON or HIDDEN. The middle section (Body) would scale the font size based on the number of "Lines Per Frame" selected by the user. Each row (including Header and Footer) should have three text boxes on the user interface. Depending on which row the configuration data would be entered into, would determine whether that data was Left (first text box), Center (second text box) or Right (third text box) justified on the screen. Of course, the remaining lines (in the remaining frames) would be configurable as well, and only the body would scroll (Header/Footer could be kept in place between frames).

To give an example using my original layout above, I'd select Header and Footer to be shown, and select 1 Line per Frame (1 total line). So, in the GUI, I would see/enter data in the following textboxes:

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Header:      (Textbox 1: %sysname% )  (Textbox 2: ________________________ )  (Textbox 3: __________________ ) <--- Left-justified system name
Body Line 1: (Textbox 1: _________ )  (Textbox 2: [DHT22#Temperature] {D}F )  (Textbox 3: __________________ ) <--- Center-justified, full-size temperature
Footer:      (Textbox 1: Hum:_____ )  (Textbox 2: ________________________ )  (Textbox 3: [DHT22#Humidity] % ) <--- Left-justified label, right-justified humidity
This seems to me like the easiest way to give the user the ability to make complex layouts, without making the GUI too complex.

Thanks again for your hard work on this project! You've got another happy user here! :)

Re: OLED Framed - Configurable formatting?

Posted: 05 Sep 2018, 04:24
by grovkillen
That is a really good idea, you should add that as a feature enhancement of our GitHub issue tracker.

Re: OLED Framed - Configurable formatting?

Posted: 05 Sep 2018, 04:57
by bkhobby
I will do that!

BTW, I saw your signature, and just downloaded/tested EasyFlasher and EasyNetScan - both are awesome tools and make the initial setup process even simpler! (I was searching through my list of ~15 ESP IPs on my router last night, trying each one in the browser til I found the right one, so this is a huge improvement!) :-D

Re: OLED Framed - Configurable formatting?

Posted: 05 Sep 2018, 05:05
by grovkillen
Happy to assist 8-) Thanks for the feedback, we love to hear users point of view.