Using SendtoHttp for router reset

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Using SendtoHttp for router reset

#1 Post by kenkoknz » 15 Nov 2018, 00:44

Hi All,
Trying to make a simple router reset switch i.e. when internet is disconnected, power router on off. I am aware that we can resort to Ping Plugin, but that means having to compile,etc as Ping is not in the latest Mega (although in the pipeline) yet, also TDer mention side effects of holding up processing while Ping is called.

So instead I am thinking of using Send to http to Google and check for the return OK status.
Logic is:
Every 5mins, SentToHttp to Google; check response from SendTohttp; if 200 ok, do what ever; else pulse GPIO relay (NC) to reset modem.
I ve check the command SendToHTTP by entering the command SendToHttp,8080 under tools and it works and returned "OK"

Before I start writing the rules, the question is how do I check for the response of the SendtoHttp in rules, is the response stored in some var I can access and place it in dummy variable to test?


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Re: Using SendtoHttp for router reset

#2 Post by grovkillen » 15 Nov 2018, 06:13

No you cannot act on a response of send to http. I guess we could add an event for it but I'm not promising anything soon.
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