Wemos D1 mini and deepsleep from rules

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Wemos D1 mini and deepsleep from rules

#1 Post by 22hn » 20 Jan 2019, 18:08


I have a strange problem...

Running mega-20190116 on a Wemos D1 mini with a ds18b20 connected to gpio-14. The goal is to boot up, publish temperature on mqtt and then sleep for a couple of minutes and repeat...

At first, I enabled deepsleep from config menu. Played around with different awake/sleep times, but could not get a stable result... Sleep/wakeup worked as expected though! I could see with multimeter that during normal operation, current is between 70-80mA and during deepsleep it's down to approx 0.2mA.

I then tested another approach, disabled deepsleep in config menu and in stead entered deep sleep by command in rule set. I have a rule script that on MQTT#Connected, publish the temp on mqtt and then enter deepsleep, 20. This works well on first boot.

When deepsleep command is executed, current goes down to 0.2mA again. But after 20 sec, when it's supposed to wake up again, current goes up to 13mA and device is never booted...!

So, there seems to be a difference between entering sleep from rule command and doing it from config menu...

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Re: Wemos D1 mini and deepsleep from rules

#2 Post by kimot » 21 Jan 2019, 20:07

Maybe stupid question, but do you have got connected RST and gpio16 pins?

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