config.dat - is it forward compatible?

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config.dat - is it forward compatible?

#1 Post by dampa » 12 Aug 2019, 12:02

If I backup a device's config.dat and then upgrade espeasy, will the config.dat import without issues or is it release dependent?

For example - say a device is using mega-20190305 and I backup the config.dat.

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deviceX (mega-20190305) -> config.dat(mega-20190305)
Next I upgrade to mega-20190809.

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Will importing the config.dat work properly or is there the chance something will have changed so the config.dat will not import

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config.dat(mega-20190305) -> deviceX(mega-20190809) 
How about the rest of the '.dat' files?

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Re: config.dat - is it forward compatible?

#2 Post by TD-er » 12 Aug 2019, 14:41

It should be forward upgrade compatible.
A few times, when an issue was reported that appeared hard to reproduce, it helped to delete that part of the settings and add it again.
For example the sysinfo plugin has been known to give some strange issues.
Remove and add again did seem to solve the issues.

One thing that for sure is broken right now, is when you're using a plugin which uses "remote feed".
In older builds this was called "global share".
This is now done via the ESPeasy p2p controller.
If you use that, you may need to add this particular controller.
For more info on that one, see the documentation: ... hlight=p2p

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