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ESPEasy with features in testing phase for ESP-01 1M

Posted: 22 Jan 2020, 11:26
by SwissResl
Hi gents

I searched now quite for a while but didn't got the answer I am looking for and I'm a little bit lost...
I would like to test out the "Generic HTTP (Advanced)" feature to be able to use instead of Thingspeak

When I flash "ESP_Easy_mega-20191208_normal_ESP8266_1M.bin" or "ESP_Easy_mega-20191208_normal_sdk3_ESP8266_1M.bin", everything is working as expected, but of course without the C011 controller
But for ESP8266_1M, there is no test or dev image.
I tried to flash "ESP_Easy_mega-20191208_test_beta_ESP8266_4M1M.bin", flasher told me, everything fine but was not able to connect.

Then I started to try to build it by my own, but didn't got on how tho configure it for the 1M version.

Any hints or directives?