OpenHub MQTT Controller subscribe - how to catch message

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OpenHub MQTT Controller subscribe - how to catch message

#1 Post by baumi67 » 14 Apr 2020, 21:01


I try to connect my EspEasy to thingspeak mqtt broker.
I'd like only subscribe to a topic, and get the value from thingspeak. (The topic / field is modifyed by android MQTT dash app.)
I use the OpenHUB controller.
I watch the messages with WireShark.
I see the EspEasy successfully subscribed, every 10 seconds pinged, and when I alter the field with the app - the publish message arrives from the thingspeak broker to the EspEasy.
The topic is:
the value is '0' or '1'
As WireShark captured:

Frame 856: 98 bytes on wire (784 bits), 98 bytes captured (784 bits)
Ethernet II, Src: 4e:eb:42:e3:c1:d7 (4e:eb:42:e3:c1:d7), Dst: Espressi_cb:80:f9 (18:fe:34:cb:80:f9)
Internet Protocol Version 4, Src:, Dst:
Transmission Control Protocol, Src Port: mqtt (1883), Dst Port: 55978 (55978), Seq: 737, Ack: 561, Len: 44
MQ Telemetry Transport Protocol, Publish Message
Header Flags: 0x30, Message Type: Publish Message, QoS Level: At most once delivery (Fire and Forget)
Msg Len: 42
Topic Length: 39
Topic: channels/9XXXX8/subscribe/fields/field8
Message: 31

Can I get this message (the topic and the value) in EspEasy??

(I've read about Generic - MQTT Import device, but when I enable it, it opens a new MQTT session, wich can't connect to thingspeak.
It can try to connect every seconds, and thingspeak mqtt broker does not like so much activity)

Thank You:

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