Using EspEasy RS485 MODBUS RTU to read OR-WE-504

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Using EspEasy RS485 MODBUS RTU to read OR-WE-504

#1 Post by ozogp » 13 Apr 2021, 20:33

I am a beginner, please be understanding.

I would like to read the readings from the OR-WE-504 ORNO meter using RS485 MODBUS RTU. I connected the UART TTL RS485 MAX485 5V converter to the Wemos D1.
Wemos_D1_mini_RS485_bb-1.jpg (56.33 KiB) Viewed 1303 times
The ORNO counter was connected to the converter.
Unfortunately, I do not know what Device to choose to be able to read Voltage (V), Current (A) Active Power (W) Total Energy (Wh)

I would like to present the obtained data in Domoticz

A heartfelt request for help

meter ORNO OR-WE-504 ... nkow/orno/

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Re: Using EspEasy RS485 MODBUS RTU to read OR-WE-504

#2 Post by Ath » 17 Apr 2021, 10:51

I don't think (though I don't know all supported MODBUS Energy devices), ESPEasy supports this meter model directly, unless it is compatible with another supported model like Eastron SDM 120/220/230/630, Accuenergy AcuDC24x or DDS238-x. These are all in the 'energy' .bin files.

There is a Domoticz Python driver available for the Orno WE-504 over here:
This has a few advantages over an ESPEasy driver, biggest being it supports all available measurements in 1 instance, where in ESPEasy that would be 'limited' to 4 per task (but there can be multiple tasks with different measurements when implemented correctly). Distance between the meter and Domoticz shouldn't be an issue, as RS-485 has a very robust signal, even over longer cables, but you may need (or already have, seeing the schematics) a RS-485 <-> RS-232 converter.

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